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Bunty Fabric & Metal Dog Cages, Crates & Pens, Cats Carriers & More

We provide fabric and metal dog cages, crates ,carriers & pens for all types of animals.  When choosing metal dog cages, it is important to choose one that is the correct size for you pet. Fabric and metal dog cages should be big enough to allow your dog to move around without having too much spare room.  The dog should be able to sit up without banging their hands on the roof, be able to turn around and lie on their side with their paws stretched out.  


If fabric or metal dog cages are being used to house train your pet the idea is to use their natural instinct to not use their sleeping area as a toilet. Be sure not to buy a cage which is too large as the dog will use one half as a bedroom and one half as a bathroom.  Buying a dog cage that is too big for the dog will also remove the feeling of a cosy place to be.  


When using a dog travel crate be sure that the crate is securely placed in the vehicle to ensure no tipping by either the vehicle or dog can happen.  


Cat Carriers

If you are looking for a cat carrier the cat needs to have enough space to sit or lie in it comfortably but not too large that it has too much space.  Try not to store your cat carrier in the garage out of the cats view as the cat will associate travelling with the car carrier. Try keeping it open for them to use as a bed somewhere in the house.  


Dog & Pet Pens

A dog pen for your dog or pet can be used to keep kittens or puppies to keep them out of mischief and offers a place for them to play safely.  Having a cover on the play pen can help limit animals from crawling out of the top of the dog pen.  Dog pens can be used indoors or outdoors.  



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