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Bunty Dog Leads & Collars - Get 15% Off Your First Order!

A soft fabric dog collar is a popular choice among many dog owners as it keeps them secure without it digging into the skin. When it comes to dog collars, buying the right collar for your dog size is important. Dog collars should be high on your dogs neck without risk of the dog pulling free but not so loose that is ends up near the shoulder blades. A dog collar should have enough room to fit two fingers between your dog and the collar. If the dog collar is causing your dog to suffer from restricted breathing or coughing it may be too tight. When measuring for dog collars, measure around it’s neck and add two to three inches. Smaller dogs suit small lightweight dog collars and larger dogs can wear a more heavy duty dog collar. LED dog collars are designed for dog walking in the dark and in situations where the dog needs to be highly visible. Here at Bunty we have designed our dog collars so that it is easy to attach a lead. Need advice? Read our blog post Non-pull harnesses and how to stop your dog pulling on the lead >

Dog leads should be coupled with a suitable dog collar for the size of the dogs head. Nylon dog leads are hard-wearing, strong and do not shrink when wet and quick drying. The bolt snap clip is reliable and popular amongst dog walkers due to the ease that it can be clipped on and off the dog. Our nylon dog leads are good value for money and are available in many different colours for just £6.99.

Some owners opt to use dog harnesses instead as this spreads the load over the front of the dogs body.

Why not have a look at our retractable dog leadssoft fabric dog collars, LED flashing dog collar, nylon dog collar or our dog lead spliiter.



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