How To Buy A Dog Bed

Anyone who has owned a dog or spent a reasonable amount of time around a dog will know that their bed will always be one of their favourite places to relax, regardless of the time of day. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the bed you choose for your pup provides all the necessary features and qualities that help a dog’s life live up to its name.

Knowing how to buy a dog bed for dog means taking many factors into account. These include the breed and size of your pooch, their preferred position to sleep in for support, and even their fondness for certain textures – yes, even dogs can have a personal preference for bedding material.

How to buy a dog bed that is the correct size

Believe it or not, the size of your dog does not always correlate to the size of their dog bed. For instance, certain larger breeds such as Great Danes often prefer smaller, cosier beds that help them to feel secure, whilst certain smaller breeds prefer to stretch out.

However, a great idea to follow before you buy a dog bed is to monitor you’re their favourite resting locations and positions around the house and pick a bed that will allow them to lie in that position without their limbs needing to hang off, or outside of the bed. A general rule for this is to allow for 25% more space that they would need if they were lying on their side spread out.

How to buy a dog bed that is the correct shape and style

As noted previously, different dogs often have different preferences for sleeping style. Those that like to spread out often benefit from a mattress-style bed, whereas those that prefer to curl into a ball may often prefer a bed with supportive sides that is a little smaller.

Other styles that are popular include snugs usually come with a soft roof and are perfect for nervous dogs whereas corner beds, on the other hand, provide security due to the presence of walls.

How to buy a dog bed for older dogs

As your dog ages, their needs are likely to change. From their diet, to the length of their walks, your dog is likely to benefit greatly from your awareness of their needs as they get closer to their twilight years.

Thankfully, there are many orthopaedic beds available that help to prevent muscle soreness and aches made from high grade memory foam. These provide a much better level of support for older dogs than cheaper standard foam beds that are appropriate for younger pups.

It is also important to ensure that your dog’s bed stays warm - as colder temperatures can add to their discomfort. By choosing a comfortable material that offers insulative properties will aid them when they rise from their slumber for stretch.

Even when they are elderly, dogs still love to get in their bed for a nap. But for some, the distance to the floor can be a little too much, and this makes it hard for them to get in and out. Many owners solve this issue by providing their pup with a raised or elevated bed with a warm blanket on top. Not only are raised beds great for keeping a gap between a cold floor and the base of the bed for warmth, they also provide airflow beneath during the warmer months.

How to buy a dog bed for active dogs

The great thing about dogs is that we get to choose a companion that fits in with our lifestyle and enjoy a wholesome relationship that offers benefits for both pup and owner.

Of course, there are always ‘those’ dogs, who live for the outdoors, and aren’t happy unless they’ve spent the morning rolling around in mud. For dogs such as these, it can often be a good idea to purchase a hardwearing waterproof dog bed that can be either wiped clean or put through a washing machine with minimal fuss.

Luckily, many of the dog beds that are available on the market come with removeable covers for the sake of ease.

How to buy a dog bed that offers everything?

When humans relax, they often do so in various places. Sometimes we sprawl on the sofa, whereas at other times we decide to take a nap in our bed – and the same is true for our dogs, and that’s why there are no individual beds that can cater for every given situation.

Believe it or not, many owners have at least two beds for their dog around the house – with many having three or four – in order to cater for your pup’s different needs. While an active dog may prefer a harder-wearing bed that can be used outdoors, they will still most likely prefer to have a more comfortable alternative when it comes to a night-time snooze.

In conclusion…

As you may have noticed, much of the advice in this blog comes down to single premise, and that is observation. We always form an almost symbiotic relationship with our pets, and as time passes we often find it easier to read them and notice what aspects of their life do, or do not work for them.By monitoring the way your dog prefers to rest as they age, you can adjust their sleeping arrangements to support them. Although, it is always important to use a familiar blanket in each bed, as dogs can often be suspicious of new furniture, and often need a familiar smell to encourage them.

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