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Dog Grooming Comb For Dematting BuntyDog Grooming Comb For Dematting Bunty
Dog Nail Clippers BuntyDog Nail Clippers Bunty
Self Cleaning Slicker Brush BuntySelf Cleaning Slicker Brush Bunty
Undercoat Rake For Dogs BuntyUndercoat Rake For Dogs Bunty
Slicker Brush For Dogs BuntySlicker Brush For Dogs Bunty
Inflatable Dog CollarInflatable Dog Collar
Bunty Claw FileBunty Claw File
Bunty Pin & Bristle BrushBunty Pin & Bristle Brush
Bunty Massage Bath BrushBunty Massage Bath Brush
Bunty Deshedding BrushBunty Deshedding Brush

Dog Nail Clippers - Why You Should Use Them

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors walking or running on hard surfaces then the chances are that your dog nails will be trimmed naturally. However many dogs spend a lot of time at home and are only running on soft grass.  This means there is less opportunity for the nails to be naturally trimmed. If dog nails are left un-trimmed then the nail puts pressure on the nail bed which is painful for the dog. If the nails are left to grow then it can cause problems in the joints of the leg and make the dog foot look splayed.

Our Bunty dog nail clippers have a sharp blade which gives for a nice easy clean cut and also features a rubber handle for a secure grip. The dog nail clippers are suitable for small medium and large dogs.

Bunty Dog Hair Brushes & Dog Combs

Other dog grooming equipment such as a dog brush is important so that your dogs hair does not become matted or dreaded. If left uncared for, the hair can become knotted and uncomfortable for the dog and also cause skin problems.

Our dog brushes are suitable for long and short haired pets and help to remove loose hair. Our pet hair removers are available in multiple sizes and are easy to clean. We have a double sided dog brush that has a pin side to detangle the hair and remove debris, and a bristle side to smooth it down. Our dog comb is perfect for de-matting with minimal coat loss.

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We offer same day dispatch on grooming products and other items made before 3PM, so why not try Bunty dog grooming supplies today.  Looking to buy your dog a treat too?  Why not also treat them to a Bunty dog bed.


DOG Grooming FAQs

How do I trim a dog's nails?

The most important part of trimming a dog’s nails is to only remove the tip. The nail has a blood vessel that runs through it, and if too much is taken off then it will cause your dog pain. There are many instructional videos available online by vets showing how to carry out the procedure correctly, and we urge all dog owners to view these videos before trimming nails for the first time.

When do I know when it's time to trim my dog's nails?

With most breeds, it’s a good idea to trim their nails between 1-2 times a month. Of course, many owners notice that their dog’s nails will need clipping when they hear their claws clicking on hard floors more than usual. When a dog is standing up straight, their nails should not be touching the floor, so if they are, make sure you give them a trim.

How do I use a flea comb on my pet?

To use a flea comb, simply comb in the direction of the fur across your dog’s body. It is usually easier to do this after you have washed your dog so that the comb doesn’t get stuck in matted sections. After each stroke or two, make sure than you dip the comb into luke warm water to allow any fleas or eggs to depart from the comb. The key areas to concentrate on are the armpits, the groin, the neck and the base of the tail.

How do I use a dematting comb on my dog?

Matting is when areas of hair gets tangled and end up in knots. These can put strain on the skin beneath and prevent air circulation, eventually causing skin conditions and discomfort. A dematting comb should be brushed in the direction of the for across the dog’s body and can be aided by a commercial hair detangler. Use your fingers to pull apart the matted hair and then use the comb to cut through any areas that are particularly thick.

How do I brush my dog's teeth?

Dogs aren’t terribly fond of having their teeth cleaned – but it is an important job that needs to be done to keep their teeth healthy and free from plaque. You shouldn’t use human toothpastes for dogs, but luckily there are various specialist toothpastes available, often in meaty flavours. There are also various types of toothbrush and one of the more popular styles today is a finger toothbrush that an owner can wear on the end of their finger for more direct control over the task.