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Bunty Woodland BedBunty Woodland Bed
Bunty Woodland Bed
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Bunty Polar Dog BedBunty Polar Dog Bed
Bunty Polar Dog Bed
From £22.99
Cosy Couch Mattress Dog BedCosy Couch Mattress Dog Bed
Raised Dog Bed, Elevated, Waterproof Outdoor - BuntyRaised Dog Bed, Elevated, Waterproof Outdoor - Bunty
Bunty Foldable Raised Dog BedBunty Foldable Raised Dog Bed
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Crushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty BellagioCrushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty Bellagio
Seventh Heaven Donut Dog BedSeventh Heaven Donut Dog Bed
Bunty Deep Dream Dog BedBunty Deep Dream Dog Bed
Bunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog BedBunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog Bed
Bunty Soft Long Pile Microfibre MatBunty Soft Long Pile Microfibre Mat
Dog Bed - Bunty BoneoDog Bed - Bunty Boneo
Canine Cradle InsertCanine Cradle Insert
Canine Cradle Insert
From £14.99
Bunty Manhattan Quilted Dog BedBunty Manhattan Quilted Dog Bed
Cosy Corner Couch Dog BedCosy Corner Couch Dog Bed
Corner Dog Bed - Bunty Outback, Hard-Wearing Dog BedsCorner Dog Bed - Bunty Outback, Hard-Wearing Dog Beds
Crushed Velvet Cushion Dog Bed - Bunty BellagioCrushed Velvet Cushion Dog Bed - Bunty Bellagio
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Bunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog BedBunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog Bed
Wicker Dog BasketWicker Dog Basket
Wicker Dog Basket
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Oval Stratus BedOval Stratus Bed
Oval Stratus Bed
From £19.99

When choosing a large dog bed it is important to cater for all their needs.  Some dogs prefer to sleep tightly curled up whilst other dogs prefer to stretch out.  When choosing a bed it needs to be large enough so that the dog has both options of the two sleeping positions.  Dogs like to sleep in a dry and comfy environment and it is therefore recommended to buy a washable bed so that your dog can sleep in both dry and clean comfort.  

Where To Put Your Large Dog Bed

Choose a place for the dog bed that is free from draughts and is in a warm place so that the dog has options and be completely comfortable.

How do I choose a comfortable large dog bed? 

The most comfortable large dog bed is one that provides support for your dog and helps them regulate their temperature.  Large dog beds with supportive sides are popular amongst dog owners because your dog can lean on it for extra comfort. Not all dogs are the same so it may take a few tries to figure out what kind of large dog bed that your pooch prefers.

What should I look for when choosing a large dog bed?

Ensuring the dog bed is large enough for your dog is key, as well as choosing one with a large amount of padding in order to separate your dog from the floor, allowing them to stay warm and cosy.  A large dog bed is best with an anti-slip base to keep it situated in the same place on the floor.  Fleece, velvet and cotton are resilient fabrics that you could consider when choosing a large dog bed.

Does a dog prefer a harder or softer bed?

All dogs have a different preference when it comes to comfort levels. Most dogs prefer a softer bed to curl up and fall asleep in, however there are other dogs that prefer the support of a more supportive bed.  It may take a few goes to figure out what your dog prefers.

Can I wash a large dog bed?

All large dog beds are washable and a high number of our large dog beds can be machine washed and tumbled dried for a quite turnaround. Machine washable beds can quickly remove stains, smells and hair which is easier than hand washing. If you do choose to clean your large dog bed, make sure it is completely dry before using it again.