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Bunty Melamine Double Dog BowlBunty Melamine Double Dog Bowl
Bunty Stainless Steel Dog BowlBunty Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
Dog Crate Water Bowl - BuntyDog Crate Water Bowl - Bunty
Dog Bowl - Bunty Melamine Single Dog BowlDog Bowl - Bunty Melamine Single Dog Bowl
Bunty Slow Feeder BowlBunty Slow Feeder Bowl
Stainless Steel Cat Bowl - BuntyStainless Steel Cat Bowl - Bunty
Pet Water FountainPet Water Fountain
Pet Water Fountain Filter - 3pk

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

If your dog or pet has the tendency to eat too quickly, our slow feeder dog bowls will help to slow down the rate that your pet eats at. It can be used with wet or dry food and reduces the chances of bloating and vomiting.

Automatic Cat & Dog Feeders

Our automatic cat feeder or automatic dog feeder are a perfect way to feed your pet regularly. To program our automatic cat and dog feeders, simply enter up to 6 different feeding times and put food into each 175ml compartment. When feeding time arrives your automatic cat and dog feeder will rotate the top cover and reveal the correct portion of food. 

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Dog & Cat Bowls FAQs

How high should a dog bowl be for eating?

Unless it has been prescribed by a vet for specific health reasons, a dog bowl should always be placed on the floor when it is feeding time. Not only does a bowl on the floor place less strain on a dog’s neck, but it also prevents a deadly condition known as bloat which can occur when larger breeds eat from raised or elevated bowls.

What size dog bowl do I need for my pet?

The simplest way to determine the size of dog bowl you need is to prepare the normal volume of food for your dog’s mealtime, and then find a bowl that is just enough to contain it all. Of course, if your dog is a smaller breed then it is important that they do not have to reach too far across the bowl, and that the sides aren’t too tall.

What is a slow-feeder dog bowl for?

Some dogs have a voracious appetite and will end up eating too fast. This can not only cause the deadly condition of bloating, it can also give them a stomach ache and make them vomit. A slow-feeder bowl incorporates obstructions into its design so that the dog is not able to take as many large mouthfuls, improving their digestion.

What kind of dog bowl is the best for my dog?

Almost any material is fine for a feeding dog bowl for a dog except plastic. This is mainly because bacteria can grow in the scratches that are made when you dog is feeding, and it is likely to splinter after substantial use, or if your dog decides to chew it. By choosing ceramic, melamime or stainless steel, you can keep your dog’s food bowl nice and clean without worrying.

How big should my cat's bowl be?

A cat’s bowl should be big enough to hold a cup or two of their chosen food. Cats can be quite fussy eaters, so it can also be worth using an elevated bowl that prevents that from easily playing with their food. And luckily, unlike dogs, an elevated bowl has no negative effects on their digestion. If you are using a bowl directly on the floor, make sure that you buy one with high sides to prevent their food flying out during mealtimes.