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Bunty Yukon Harness
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Paw Patrol Mesh HarnessPaw Patrol Mesh Harness

Using an anti pull dog harness can prevent back and trachea problems caused by pulling on a dog leash. An anti pull dog harness is different to normal dog collar as the leash connects between the dogs back rather than to the neck. Having the leash in this position also makes it easier to connect do the dog. The use of a dog harness can also help prevent dogs fighting with the leash and twisting due to jumping.

If you require a non pull dog harness for training purposes it assists in giving you more control when in training and encourages trust between the dog and owner.

Using a dog harness in the car provides safety for the dog as they will be held safely if an accident were to happen.  Don’t forget to remove the dog harness after outings to let your dogs skin breathe and reduces the chance of irritation.

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We have nylon dog harnesses, soft fabric harnesses and a transport dog harness starting from £4.99.

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