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Dog Puffer Jacket - BuntyDog Puffer Jacket - Bunty
Dog Raincoat, Sherpa FleeceDog Raincoat, Sherpa Fleece
Tartan Dog CoatsTartan Dog Coats
Tartan Dog Coats
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Clear Dog RaincoatClear Dog Raincoat
Clear Dog Raincoat
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Dog Life JacketDog Life Jacket
Dog Life Jacket
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Cocker spaniels or dogs with short hair and even hairless dogs all benefit from the comfort of a dog coat. Our Sherpa dog coat is popular amongst our customers due to its warm and snug fleece lining. Our a puffer dog jacket is also popular as it wraps around the underside of the dog to keep both its back and its body warm.

Many of our dog coats have reflective strips to keep your dog safe in the dark.

Waterproof Dog Coats - For Dogs & Puppies That Love Rain!

Whether you are out walking in the rain or on a fun trip by a river or even on a boat, our waterproof dog coats keep your dogs warm and dry. Created with water resistant polyester, our waterproof dog coats will keep your dog dry no matter how heavy the downpour.

Large & Small Coats For Dogs

We stock both large and small dog coats. Our small dog coats are suitable for little puppies or smaller dogs that need that extra installation.

Get Your Dog Clothing With Free Delivery

Don't forget your dog clothing comes with free delivery!  Looking for a nice bed for your pooch too?  Why not consider treating your dog to a Bunty dog bed now.

Dog Clothing FAQs

How do I know which size life jacket to give to my dog?

Most life jacket retailers will provide a sizing guide for fitting purposes. The most important measurements to take are the neck circumference and the chest circumference, as the life jacket must be a relatively tight, snug fit to avoid your dog slipping out of it. Whenever possible, use life jackets with a front flotation pad that allows them to rest their head and no exhaust themselves whilst paddling. Always buy a life jacket that offers high visibility.

When should you give your dog a coat?

If you find that you’re the temperatures outside in the colder seasons are causing your dogs to catch a chill and chatter their teeth, a smart dog coat is very effective at keeping them warm. There are several different types of coat, but the two most important factors to pay attention to are insulation and waterproofing – especially if your dog is older and is beginning to suffer from arthritis.

Which dog breeds will benefit from clothing?

Generally, short-haired breeds such as whippets, greyhounds, lurchers will benefit from clothes and accessories during the rainy and windy seasons as their fur is not thick enough to insulate their body from the cold. Of course, as dogs get older they can lose density in their fur, and due to their inability to move as fast as they could when they were younger, an older dog can wear a coat to keep themselves warm.

What are the benefits of buying your dog a coat?

There are many benefits of providing your dog with a coat. It means you can go out for a walk on colder days without having to worry about your pup’s health. Many breeds such as Huskies and Newfoundland dogs will not need a coat, as their natural coat is very thick and bred for colder temperatures. However, even golden retrievers and setters can benefit from a coat now and again.