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Light Up Dog Collar - LED - BuntyLight Up Dog Collar - LED - Bunty
Nylon Dog Collar, MiddlewoodNylon Dog Collar, Middlewood
Inflatable Dog CollarInflatable Dog Collar
Dog Collar - Leather StyleDog Collar - Leather Style
Bunty Choker CollarBunty Choker Collar
Bunty Choker Collar
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Dog Collar & Lead - Leather StyleDog Collar & Lead - Leather Style

Dog Collars FAQs

Which kind of collar should I get for my dog?

There are a variety of collars available for dogs in the UK, but certain types have fallen out of favour in the last couple of decades. Most vets will, today, only advise the use of standard collars. Made from leather, nylon or a similar soft but strong material. The collars to avoid are prong collars, electric collars, and choker collars – the latter of which should never be used on smaller dogs due to the risk of a neck injury.

What kind of collar should I get for my puppy?

While collars are excellent training tools, due to the fact that the necks of younger dogs are not as strong as those on mature dogs, they must be chosen carefully. For dogs under six months, a breakaway collar is a great idea as it will only disconnect in the event of large amounts of force which could otherwise injure your dog. Flat collars are also fine, but should be worn with a lead that is given enough slack in its length.

How do I clean my dog's collar?

While many owners simply buy a new collar if the old one gets a bit smelly – there is no need. To clean your dog’s collar simply put it in hot, soapy water for ten minutes and gently scrub until any grease and skin oils are removed, then hang it to dry somewhere air-conditioned. While some people choose to use shampoo as a soap, the same effect can be achieved by simply adding two teaspoons of baking soda to the hot water instead.

Are dog collars a legal requirement in the UK?

Yes. Dog collars are a legal requirement in the UK and must be worn by a dog whenever they are out of the house, even if they are on a lead. The collar must have an ID tag which displays the owner’s name and address on and should be clearly legible. Moreover, a dog should also be microchipped in case the collar breaks and the dog is found by a warden.

Should my dog wear their collar 24/7?

In the past, most dogs would wear their collar 24/7, but in recent years, owners have been asked to rethink their approach. It is actually healthy for a dog to have their collar removed several times a day – especially if they spent a lot of time inside. After all, the collar is there to provide identification in the outside world. If they are asleep at home, there is no need for them to wear a collar.