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Bunty Oyster BedBunty Oyster Bed
Bunty Oyster Bed
From £99.99
Save £20
Bunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog BedBunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog Bed
Bunty Dolly BedBunty Dolly Bed
Bunty Dolly Bed
From £49.99
Fleece Dog Bed - Washable - Bunty DeluxeFleece Dog Bed - Washable - Bunty Deluxe
Bunty Polar Dog BedBunty Polar Dog Bed
Bunty Polar Dog Bed
From £22.99
Bunty Woodland BedBunty Woodland Bed
Bunty Woodland Bed
From £29.99
Save £10
Crushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty BellagioCrushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty Bellagio
Crushed Velvet Cushion Dog Bed - Bunty BellagioCrushed Velvet Cushion Dog Bed - Bunty Bellagio
Bunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog BedBunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog Bed
Cosy Couch Mattress Dog BedCosy Couch Mattress Dog Bed
Bunty Deep Dream Dog BedBunty Deep Dream Dog Bed
Oval Stratus BedOval Stratus Bed
Oval Stratus Bed
From £19.99
Cosy Corner Couch Dog BedCosy Corner Couch Dog Bed
Dog Bed - Bunty BoneoDog Bed - Bunty Boneo
Canine Cradle InsertCanine Cradle Insert
Canine Cradle Insert
From £14.99
Corner Dog Bed - Bunty Outback, Hard-Wearing Dog BedsCorner Dog Bed - Bunty Outback, Hard-Wearing Dog Beds
Bunty Foldable Raised Dog BedBunty Foldable Raised Dog Bed
Bunty Soft Long Pile Microfibre MatBunty Soft Long Pile Microfibre Mat
Wicker Dog BasketWicker Dog Basket
Wicker Dog Basket
From £24.99
Bunty Manhattan Quilted Dog BedBunty Manhattan Quilted Dog Bed

We Have Large Dog Beds & Small Dog Beds For Dogs & Puppies

At Bunty we recognise that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we have created our range of dog beds to cover right through from small dog beds for a small dog, comfy for a puppy, right up to large dog beds or even igloo beds. Each design comes in a wide variety of sizes so that you are not limited as to what you would like to choose. Smaller dogs and puppies may feel less snug in large dog beds so we highly recommend looking at the sizes of the dog beds thoroughly before buying to get your dog or pet the best fitting bed possible. Why not also check out our xl dog beds or large dog beds.

Why Not Consider A Raised Dog Bed

A raised dog bed helps to keep your pooches off the cold floor to help them retain their body heat. Raised dog beds are also fantastic for older dogs, helping them with conditions such as arthritis. A raised dog bed is also able to help keep your pet cooler by helping to maintain air circulation underneath in the warmer summer months. Every raised pet dog bed has a reinforced frame of stainless steel to hold the weight of any pet and has a strong durable material to last the test of time. If your dog or puppy is suffering from joint pain, don’t forget that we have many memory foam beds.

Looking for large dog beds?

Those of us who own large dogs know how hard it can be to find high quality large dog beds, not to mention how much dog food they get through in a week. At Bunty, nearly all the beds we stock are available as large dog beds - ensuring that you don't have to make the choice between availability and comfort for your pooch.

Our large dog beds are just as easy to keep clean as the other sizes we stock, and we are always able to offer advice on the best way to look after large dog beds to ensure that they last.

We Have Cosy Dog Baskets, Dog Cushions & More!

Why not consider a dog basket for during the day - we have our Stirling tartan basket which is perfect for those pets that like to sit on seats. The dog basket has an extendable front section to help protect your furniture against dirty paws and sharp claws. Dog cushions in the form of a cushion mattress can be great for dogs that like to lounge around during the day but prefer to sit on the floor. Our Outback hard wearing dog mattress is perfect for those rough and tumble pets that need a hard wearing cushion that will last.

Washable Dog Beds - Keep Your Pooches In A Clean Bed!

Dogs and especially puppies, love to play in the mud outside and it can be tricky to keep your dog bed clean week in week out without being able to clean it. Our anchor waterproof dog bed that is washable and has wipe clean surfaces and our Kensington washable dog bed can be washed up to 30 degrees. Why not also check out the Woodland, Polar and Stirling dog beds.

Our raised dog bed, donut dog bed and crushed velvet dog bed are also firm favourites. We also have a wide range of dog leads and dog crates if you are looking for something new!

Free Delivery On Beds For Dogs

We offer free delivery on our entire range of dog beds within the UK, if you need your order faster than standard delivery we also offer a fast delivery service.


Dog Bed FAQS

Do dogs need dog beds?

Yes, a dog bed is a place where your dog can go when they need to rest, relax and get away from loud noises. If a dog has no access to a bed, it is likely that they will start to use furniture such as chairs or sofas as well as nesting using whatever they can find. Your dog’s bed is the one part of the house that is theirs, and they take an enormous amount of comfort knowing they can climb in whenever they want.

What are the best beds for dogs?

There are many different types of dog beds for different kinds of dogs. For healthy, younger dogs, any style of bed will do as long as it is large enough for them to lie down stretched out upon it. For older dogs, and dogs that suffer from arthritis, it is better to go for an orthopaedic bed that offers support for their aching muscles and bones.

What is the most comfortable dog bed?

The most comfortable dog bed is one that provides all around support for your dog and prevents them from getting too hot or too cold. Beds with supportive sides are also very popular nowadays as your dog can lean against them for extra comfort. Of course, comfort is subjective so you may end up trying a couple of different ones before your dog finds one that they love.

What should I look for in a dog bed?

When shopping for a dog bed, you should always choose one that is large enough for the dog and offers a large amount of padding to separate them from the floor in comfort and stay warm. A good dog bed will also have an anti-slip base to stop it from sliding around on the floor. In terms of materials, fleece, velvet and cotton are considered to be extremely resilient.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Different dogs like different things. It is fair to say that the majority of dogs do prefer soft beds that allow them to curl up and fall asleep – but there are dogs out there who prefer a more supportive bed. Luckily, you can always try both and see which your dog takes to the most.

Are dog beds washable?

All dog beds are washable, and a large number of these can be machine washed and tumble dried. The benefit of a machine washable bed is that it more easily removes stains, smells and hair from the material than handwashing. Make sure than when you clean a dog bed, it is completely dry throughout before giving it back to your dog.