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Bunty Explorer Retractable Dog Lead 5-8MBunty Explorer Retractable Dog Lead 5-8M
Dog Rope Lead - Bunty Slip-on lead for DogsDog Rope Lead - Bunty Slip-on lead for Dogs
Retractable & Extendable Dog Lead - BuntyRetractable & Extendable Dog Lead - Bunty
Middlewood Nylon Dog LeadMiddlewood Nylon Dog Lead
Dog Rope Lead - BuntyDog Rope Lead - Bunty
Anti-Shock Dog LeadAnti-Shock Dog Lead
Anti-Shock Dog Lead
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Rope Double Splitter Dog Lead
Rope Double Splitter Dog Lead Attachment
Short Dog Control Lead
Rope Triple Splitter Dog Lead
Leather Style Dog LeadLeather Style Dog Lead
Rope Triple Dog Lead Splitter Attachment
Dog Leads FAQ

What are the best type of dog leads?

Stretchy and retractable leads are the perfect choice for dogs that love to explore.  If you have a puppy, training leads are the right purchase for them.  Multi-purpose leads are the best if you need good all round flexibility. It is worth considering the length of lead to buy also - consider the size of your dog and how much freedom you would like to afford them on the lead.

Are there good dog leads to stop pulling?

slip lead puts pressure on the neck when a dog pulls and becomes looser when the dog behaviour is corrected.

An anti-shock dog lead can help with dogs that have a tendency to make sudden movements and can prevent accidental neck injuries due to its ability to apply more resistance as it reaches full length.

Which dog leads can I use for running?

An anti-shock dog lead helps to keep them close whilst giving a bit of slack whilst running.

Which dog leads are best for a big dog?

This best dog lead for a big dog is specifically designed for the weight of your dog. Our retractable dog lead is designed for this purpose.  The three metre lead is designed for dogs weighing up to 20kg and the five metre lead is designed for dogs weighing up to 30kg.

How do I get a dog used to a lead?

When you put the lead on, use treats instead of pulling on the lead to encourage them to be beside you so that they get used to being on the lead without moving.  When they are comfortable with this, take a few steps and get them to follow.  Gradually increase the amount of steps until they are comfortably walking beside you on the dog lead.

Which dog leads are best for a puppy?

A dog lead for a puppy are longer than normal leads as it gives the dog some freedom and the handler knows that the dog can be retrieved if it disobeys a command to return. A long-line of around 20 metres are often used for training.