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Cosy Couch Mattress Dog BedCosy Couch Mattress Dog Bed
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Crushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty BellagioCrushed Velvet Dog Bed - Bunty Bellagio
Bunty Dolly BedBunty Dolly Bed
Bunty Dolly Bed
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Bunty Polar Dog BedBunty Polar Dog Bed
Bunty Polar Dog Bed
From £22.99
Bunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog BedBunty Tuscan Faux Leather Dog Bed
Bunty Manhattan Quilted Dog BedBunty Manhattan Quilted Dog Bed
Cosy Corner Couch Dog BedCosy Corner Couch Dog Bed
Bunty Oyster BedBunty Oyster Bed
Bunty Oyster Bed
From £99.99
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Bunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog BedBunty Regal Oval Deep Sided Dog Bed

To give your dog the perfect sleeping conditions it is important to buy a bed that suits all your dogs needs.  When considering the size it is recommended to choose a luxury dog bed that will allow your dog to curl up or stretch out - giving your dog options as to how they would like to lie enables them to have a good snooze.  When placing the dog bed it is best to pick somewhere that does not have any draught and somewhere warm. Got a big pooch?  Why not check out our full range of beds for dogs.

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Which Luxury Dog Bed Is Best For My Dog?

No matter if you have a small dog or a large dog there is such a wide range of luxury available it can be confusing to figure out which one to buy.  From memory foam to other features such as increased foam padding in the base it all depends on what you think your dog would most enjoy as every dog is different.

We have beds including our Cosy Couch which has four inches of foam padding on the base and high sides for excellent support.  The Seventh Heaven bed has super soft faux fur to keep your pet calm.  The Bellagio has ultra soft crushed velvet and high cushioned sides for your dog to rest its head on. Or why not go highly luxurious with our oval dog bed called The Regal. 

From small to extra large sizes we’ve got just the right pet beds to suite your size of dog.