How to keep dogs cool in summer

Summer – we all look forward to it, with the sunshine, country walks and beer gardens. Of course, after a little exertion in the outdoors during the warm months, it doesn’t take long before you need to find some shade – and our dogs are no different.

The biggest issue, however, is that our furry friends often need our help to avoid overheating and stay hydrated, so it’s important to follow some basic rules to keep them happy and healthy.

Quench the thirst

As most owners are aware, their pooch can get rather thirsty as outdoor temperatures soar and as a result will go through substantially more water than normal. It’s therefore important to keep an eye on their bowl, and ensure that it is regularly topped up. Furthermore, if you plan on going for a walk, don’t even think of leaving the house without a couple of litres of water and a bowl to keep their dog hydrated.


When discussing how to keep dogs cool in summer, many owners often forget that dogs can suffer from contact burns from hot pavements that can blister and cause incredible pain. Luckily, many companies make doggie boots that allow our pals to enjoy a comfortable walk without risk.

Check your schedule

While dogs thrive on routine, it’s often a good idea to change it up during the summer months to ensure that you only go for walks during the cooler hours. Early mornings and late evenings are perfect for dogs to get some exercise without having to deal with the excessive heat from the sun.

Avoid the car

During summer, many cars can easily turn into a greenhouse, and even with air-conditioning, the direct sunlight can still make our dogs very uncomfortable. And it should go without saying – never, ever leave your pup unattended in a car in warm weather. A cracked window is never enough when there is no breeze.

Go for a dip

Ever wondered how to keep dogs cool in summer if you live near the coast or have access to an outdoor pool? Exercise for your dogs doesn’t necessarily have to involve walks. A good swim is just as effective at helping your pooch spend their daily quota of energy with the added benefit of keeping them cool.

Remember the belly!

Dogs love a cold floor during summer, and the main reason for this is that they cool from the bottom up. A cold wet towel on your buddy’s exposed belly is a great way to help them cool down fast.

Trust your dog and know when to call it a day

While it’s our job to learn how to keep dogs cool in summer, sometimes it’s just as important to trust our dog’s instinct. If you begin a walk and your pal seems to be lacking enthusiasm, chances are they’ve already decided it’s too hot to enjoy a walk and they’d rather stay indoors.

Purchase an elevated dog bed

Bunty has an elevated dog bed without sides and an elevated dog bed with sides.  These two beds are worth considering as it keeps your pet off cold floors in winter, and helps to keep them cool by providing good airation underneath them in the summer.     


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