Most loyal dogs revealed

Which dogs are most loyal?

Many years ago, a well-humoured newspaper column stated that you could lose your house, lose your partner, lose your job and be thrown in prison – but your dog will howl forlornly outside your prison window every night until you’re re-united. While your cat will howl forlornly by its dinner bowl until someone else feeds it.

Any owner can attest to the fact that their dog would do anything to protect them without a second’s thought, even if it means placing themselves in mortal danger. Of course, some dogs are known to take loyalty to the next level, and so we thought it was time for them to gain recognition as we look at the most loyal dogs in the world today.

The most loyal dogs:

German Shepherd

Immediately recognisable thanks to their frequent employment with both military and police forces around the world, the German Shepherd first appeared, as the name suggests, in Germany in the late 1800s. Loyal to a fault, they are strong, forever vigilant, and make fantastic family pets.

German Shepherds are also known for their bravery and intelligence, with problem solving abilities that often leave both owners and handlers shocked, and a willingness to place themselves in harm’s way if it means protecting those it loves.

St. Bernard

While the famous 90s movie shows Beethoven the dog as a great source of trouble for its owners, it also, correctly, illustrates its incredible loyalty to those within its family.

Originally bred as a mountain rescue dog, the St. Bernard is an immensely powerful canine, often pictured with a barrel of milk around its neck (not brandy as many believe). Despite their size, they are never happier than snuggling up with their owners and sleeping for most of the day. Luckily, their size is often a great enough deterrent to would-be attackers and despite their gentle nature, can pose a great threat to any stranger who threatens those they love.

Great Pyrenees/Pyrenean Mountain Dog

A gentle giant, the Great Pyrenees is a majestic dog with the patience of a saint. They were originally bred to protect the livestock of shepherds from both France and Spain, and were known for taking down any predators who could threaten their owner’s livelihood.

Known for their protective instinct with children, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is an excellent choice for a family pet as they excel in a stable, loving environment – truly one the most loyal dogs around.


Although easily distracted, the Kuvasz is closely related to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and as such shares many of the same personality characteristics. Moreover, a Kuvasz is never happier than when it feels needed - such as being asked to perform tasks - especially if those tasks involve aiding their owner.

Kuvasz’s are also known for their ridiculous and aloof sense of humour, despite being known for their sizeable intellect. Always looking for attention and praise from those it loves, they make a great family pet, and an even better guard dog.

Rough Collie

Often referred to as a ‘shadow dog’, the Rough Collie, and indeed all Collie breeds love to develop an extremely close relationship with their owners, often forming an almost symbiotic connection when bred as a working dog.

Originating from Scotland, and easily recognisable as the main star of the ‘Lassie’ movies and TV shows, the Rough Collie is an intelligent pup that enjoys company, whether it be from children, other dogs, or even other species, and will go above and beyond to protect those about whom they care.


Originally bred as a hunting dog, Beagles are known for their incredible sense of smell, and as a result are often employed by security forces at airports amongst other locations. Good natured with puppy-dog-eyes no matter what age, the modern Beagle first appeared in the early 19th century in Great Britain and has been immortalised in the popular cartoon strip Peanuts as Snoopy.

Always eager to please and one of the most loyal dogs, Beagles are popular family pets thanks to their excellent temperament when around children, and often get separation anxiety if left alone for too long.


Another hunting breed, the Boxer originated in Germany and was often used to bring down larger kills whilst out with its owner. Known for their boundless energy, Boxers often need a lot of exercise, and an inability to provide this can often lead to behavioural issues.

Known to be suspicious of strangers, they are excellent watchdogs and will move heaven and earth to be with the one’s they love.


Despite its size, the Dachshund possesses a personality of a dog several times its size and has been known to protect its owners from larger dogs, bovines, and even bear attacks - it’s possible that the Dachshund breed has never had access to a mirror.

Originally bred to hunt badgers and rabbits in claustrophobic environments, Dachshunds are fiercely loyal and protective and are always prepared to act if they sense danger.


Name after the French province within which it was originally bred, the Brittany is another hunting dog that loves to work. Closely related to both Pointers and Setters, the Brittany is always enthusiastic when it’s owners give them a job they can perform to their own satisfaction.

Despite its physical attributes, the Brittany can often be quite insecure and sensitive, and as a result, loves to consistently be surrounded by both people and other dogs that they can trust.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Known as ‘nanny dogs’ during the Victorian era thanks to its incredible protective attitude over the children of the family, Staffies were often left to keep guard over the younger household members while the parents went out to work.

Their loyalty and unconditional love, however, can often be their downfall as there are many cases where unscrupulous individuals will use them as fighting dogs due to their willingness to always follow orders – giving them a reputation they don’t deserve.

With no limits to their energy, and the ability to jump over two metres from standing, the Staffie is not only a joy to have around, but a breed who will always put its family first, no matter the situation.

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