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Cat Tree - Scratching Post

If you are looking for a cat tree that is large or small, plain or a leopard print - you're in the right place.  Every cat tree we sell is perfect for scratching and also has high sided plates for climbing. If your cat likes to sleep In a snug environment, our cat trees offer a box to hide in.

Cat Scratching Posts

Cats use scratching posts to sharpen claws and often to stretch their legs.  By providing a cat scratching post, it allows your cats to continue with normal cat behaviour and stops them from using other sources in the home such a furniture, to trim their claws.


Cat Towers, Climbing Trees & Tree Houses - The Best Fun For Your Cat!

Many cats enjoy a cat tower as a way of trimming claws, exploring, jumping and sleeping. A climbing tree can help kittens learn how to climb in a safe environment and provide them with the mental stimulation they require. Cat play towers also help to keep them out of mischief and provides a warn and snug place to sleep and rest.


Order Your Cat Tree Or Scratching Post Today!

We offer same day dispatch on all orders made before 3pm and offer 10% off on your first order. Why not order yours online now!


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