Do Dogs Really Need A Bed?

Those are haven’t had a dog before can be forgiven for thinking that dogs don’t really care about beds, and that they are just as happy on the carpet or on a sofa.

While dogs do enjoy lying in different positions and different places around the house, they will often return to their bed for the majority of their daily sleep pattern, but why is this?

Dogs love familiarity and get attached to certain items

Dogs, like humans have certain possessions that help them to feel comfortable. Whether it’s toys, a bone, a slipper, or their bed itself – your dog will see it as their possession and will return to it for comfort. This familiarity helps them to relax and get a good quality sleep.

They need a nest

The ancestors of our modern-day dogs were extremely capable at surviving in the wild. While today’s dogs prefer the warm feeling of a fireplace inside, they still maintain the same innate urge to ‘nest’ wherever they are planning to sleep. In nature, a dog would nest with leaves and moss but in the home, a dog’s nest is their bed. If you take it away from them, they will most likely start collecting soft furnishings such as blankets and build a bed wherever they like.

It’s supportive

Unlike the floor, dog beds should be supportive and help to alleviate pressure on a dog’s joints and muscles – especially in their later years. By providing a dog with a bed, you are ensuring that they are comfortable when they rest and sleep, and won’t feel sore in the morning when they wake up. In fact, many older dogs will given orthopaedic beds with memory foam to help provide the best support for their bodies as they sleep.

They make your dog happier

Not only are dogs happier having somewhere of their own to go to around the house, but the ability to have a good quality sleep for long hours while comfortable will not only improve their mood, but can also make them smarter and improve their memory retention. Much like a human.

It’s a good idea to have more than one

If you move around the house throughout the day, you’re probably aware that your dog will follow you from room to room for company. Of course, this means that they won’t have their bed with them. Luckily, dogs can benefit from having multiple beds around the house so they feel like they have options. After all, your dog’s bed is an escape for them, helping them get away from loud noises and busy environments, so it’s best they have a choice.

Most of us don’t know what we’d do without our dogs, and therefore want them to be as comfortable as possible and a good quality dog bed is a big part of that. By ensuring your pup has a bed that they love, you can enjoy living with a happier, less frustrated and pup.

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