How To Choose The Right Bed For Your Dog

We love our dogs, and we’ll always go out of our way to ensure that they are comfortable no matter what, and of course, this applies enormously when you’re choosing the right bed for your dog.

As most people are aware, while dogs are often very active when they’re awake, they love to be able to rest and sleep throughout much of the day. That’s why it’s important that the have a place that is quiet, calm and comfortable to make sure they wake up feeling full of energy.

Choose The Location

An often overlooked part of buying a bed is taking the time to consider where the bed will be situated once purchased.

There’s no point putting it in a busy room where there is a lot of human traffic as this will disturb your dog’s rest. Great places for a dog bed include under the stairs, a vacant bedroom, a utility room or - if space is at a premium – a quiet corner of the room.

Get The Size Right

If you spend any time watching a dog while they sleep, you’ll have probably seen them spread out in a multitude of positions depending on how they feel. While many owners will often buy small dog beds for small dogs, if it is too small the dog will be unable to stretch as much as they want to while they rest, leading to sore muscles. Of course, you also don’t want the bed to be too big for your dog as they also like to curl up and feel cosy and protected. Most retailers will provide a sizing guide for dog beds, so make sure you check them out before purchasing.

Get The Material Right

Some dogs are elegant, relaxed and delicate, while others are an excited ball of boundless energy covered in mud. If your dog falls into the latter category, it may be worth taking a little extra time to consider which material you should aim for. For dogs who spend a lot of time in the field or dogs who like to have a good chew on their beds, you will need a more hardwearing waterproof bed that can be easily wiped clean.

It is, however, worth mentioning that active dogs should be given multiple beds so that when they are ‘finally’ clean and dry, they have a soft alternative to go to.

For more relaxed dogs, the choice for materials is huge when it comes to dog beds. Whether you’re looking for a raised dog bed, a fleece dog bed with high-sides, or a velvet dog bed for ultra-luxury, you can guarantee that your dog will love it.

Check The Base

A bed is only a comfortable as its padding – and this goes double for the base of the bed. Certain breeds such as greyhounds and lurchers have quite boney bodies and so require much more padding than others – so you must make sure that the base supports every part of their body.

The best dog beds employ multiple layers of material including memory foam, fleece and cotton to create a truly luxurious experience, and the best way to check this is to simply try squeezing it with you hand – the more resistance, the better support.

Get An Age Appropriate Dog Bed

As dogs age, just like people they can develop aches and pains due to sleeping in the same position for a long time. Luckily, there are many orthopaedic options available that include memory foam and other customised forms of support to keep them feeling great.

Another great way to help them with their age-related aches and pains is to buy them a heated dog bed, or simply a dog-safe heating pad so keep their muscles warm and limber while they sleep.

No matter how old they get, dogs still love to play like puppies given the chance if even for only a short while, so providing them with an orthopaedic dog bed that helps them feel young again is very important to keep them happy.

Don’t Expect Dogs To Share

While there are certain dogs who have been together since birth who are more than happy to spend time together in the same bed curled up together, the majority of dogs like to have their own bed as a special place that they alone can go to whenever they want to nap and relax. Therefore making sure that you have at least one bed per dog so they are not left wanting.

To Crate Or Not To Crate

For some dogs, being around people – especially children – can be more than a little exhausting, and they may feel as if they’ve got nowhere to go in a small house.

A great way to counter this is by buying a metal dog crate within which you can place their bed and any other warm blankets and toys.

Even with the door open in a busy living room, a blanket draped over a cage can create a safe zone that acts as a mini room for your dog. Cages can also be used to help train your dog for travelling in crates during car journeys, so it’s always worth a good try.

Don’t Forget To Change It Up

Don’t forget that as your dog ages, their preferences can easily change, so don’t be afraid to offer them a new bed every few years to see if they would like a change. Although admittedly, many dogs will prefer to use the bed they’ve had since they were a puppy for reassurance and warmth.

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