Fantastic Christmas Present Ideas For Your Dog

While your dog may not understand the history behind Christmas, they certainly understand it’s a special day with all the extra food available and decorations all over the house.

Our dogs are part of the family, and so it seems natural that if everyone else is getting presents that your dog gets to experience a few gifts as well.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some great ideas you can get your dog for Christmas:

A brand-new comfy bed

If your dog’s old bed is starting to get a bit tatty and is losing its ability to support their weight correctly, you can always treat them to a nice new luxurious bed. At Bunty, we have a huge range available in lots of different materials. From our crushed velvet dog bed to our cosy couch mattress, you’re sure to find one that they’ll love.

A smart new collar

Get your pup looking their best by getting them a brand-new collar. Over time, your dog’s collar can become worn and lose its strength, so why not pick them up a new one? We not only stock personalised nylon dog collars and soft fabric dog collars, we also stock LED dog collars so you can keep track of them on those darker evening walks.

A nice big water or feeding bowl

If you have a thirsty dog, you’re likely refilling their bowl constantly – so why not treat them to a larger one or simply just an extra one for convenience? Bunty stocks a great range of dog bowls, including special items such as our pet water fountain.

Get them some winter warmers

While it isn’t much of a problem for larger, long-haired dogs, smaller short-haired breeds can often find themselves getting cold or wet on walks during the winter. Luckily, you can always buy them lightweight coats so that they can still go out and get their exercise without getting soaked through. Bunty offers personalised fleece raincoats and personalised puffer jackets among others for your pooch to face the elements.

Keep their bed nice and toasty

Dogs love freshly laundered blankets, and they love them even more when they’re warm and soft. Why not ensure that they bed is nice and warm for them every evening by picking up a microwaveable pet bed warmer. Simply heat it in the microwave briefly and it can provide up to 8 hours of heat!

Buy a blanket for the couch

If you want to avoid forever picking dog hairs off your couch, why not get your pooch a comfy fleece blanket that they can lie on without making a mess?

We believe that dogs always make Christmas more fun – even if half the time they enjoy playing with the wrapping paper more than their actual presents. So why not give them something to take their minds off all those Christmas dinners?

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