Get Your Pet Ready For Christmas

While they may not truly understand the history behind Christmas, our pets can certainly tell that there’s something extra fun about the day itself. With everyone excited and exchanging gifts, your pet will always want to join in the fun. So how do you get your pet ready for Christmas?

Don’t Mess With Their Routine

It may be Christmas day, but try to stick to their daily routine in regard to mealtimes and walks or they are likely to misbehave or have too much energy. While the rest of us understand why you may not to go for a walk after a bottle of wine, your dog won’t!

Prevent Travel Sickness

If you are travelling with your pet to spend Christmas elsewhere, make sure that they are as comfortable as possible during the journey. Bring their bed, blankets, toys and some water to help them feel at home and prevent travel sickness.

Keep Them Occupied

With so many toys available for cats and dogs, from cat towers to kongs, it’s a great idea to make use of them to keep them busy while everyone is celebrating. There aren’t many dogs that can resist a kong filled with peanut butter.

Train The Children

If your pet isn’t used to children but family friends are planning to visit with theirs, ensure that the children know how to be respectful around your pet, and – where possible – keep the noise levels down.

Get Some Pet Friendly Treats

A great way to get your pet ready for Chrismas and make sure that they don’t steal your chocolate is to buy them some special treats as a present. For cats, you can buy anything from catnip to meaty bites, and for dogs, anything from a big bone to some dog chocolate drops will do the trick.

Treat Them To A Seasonal Collar

If you want your pet to look their best on Christmas day, why not treat them to a festive Christmas collar?

Make Sure They Get Presents

While admittedly, many pets will enjoy the wrapping paper itself more than the present inside, a new toy is always a welcome addition to their collection. The best Christmas toys for a dog are those that allow you to play with them, such as fabric ragger toys for some tug-of-war.

Be Attentive

Pay special attention to your pet if you’ve got guests round. The deviation from their standard routine can often be quite confusing for them, and may need reassurance from time to time to relax.

Exhaust Them

Luckily, cats are able to sleep anywhere, anytime. Dogs, however, often need to burn off excess energy in order to relax. Make sure that your Christmas day goes off without a hitch by getting them exhausted earlier in the day.

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